Jonas is angry that the people chose to give up colors and other wonderful experiences in order to attain Sameness.

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The current Receiver, who later tells Jonas to call him The Giver, explains that generations ago, when the people chose Sameness, they also chose Climate Control and a flat terrain because the community could produce more food, and transportation would be easier.

Jonas expresses his wish that.

Jul 12, 2020 · Does Jonas believe sameness has made the community better? The people believed that Sameness would benefit the community. . Share Cite.


So, to Jonas, the fact that people can't see color is another bad thing about Sameness -- it prevents people from being able to make choices in their lives. . .

The narrator details Jonas’s experience with the first memory the Giver offers him, a moment when Jonas feels a height of joy he has never known before. When one year old, children are assigned a name and family.

Describe the character of The Giver considering his personality traits, actions, and abilities.

Once Jonas begins his training with the Giver, however, the tendencies he showed in his earlier life—his sensitivity, his heightened perceptual powers, his kindness to and.

At the conclusion of Chapter 16. Like any child in the community, Jonas is uncomfortable with the attention he receives when he is singled out as the new Receiver, preferring to blend in with his friends.

Jonas says that they should not have done so, and the Giver tells Jonas that he is quickly acquiring wisdom. .

Why was he a good choice for the position of Receiver? He is mysterious, some times he can be nice and other times he can be rude, the reason he was a good choice for becoming Receiver was because he is intelligent, good character, and hardworking.


Up until now, the.

Jonas feels sad because he has experienced love, and love does have meaning for him. It is by Lois Lowry. Expert Answers.

. It is believed that the the community will be peaceful and stable through conformity, so the leaders enforce conformity through various means, such as causing all citizens to dress the same and have similar physical. . . Everyone in Jonas community is organized and controlled by assignment. .

Jul 1, 2022 · Everyone in Jonas community is organized and controlled by assignment.

”. ) He trains with the giver receiving the memories of the.

What is Jonas’ opinion of sameness? Before receiving memories from the Giver, Jonas does not have an opinion on Sameness.

At the conclusion of Chapter 16.

Children in the real world are taught to dress themselves to learn independence.


The Giver gives Jonas a memory of falling from the sled, breaking his leg and scraping his face on ice.