Thorfinn is jailed and sold into slavery after he attempted to murder Canute.

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You can see it's promo on YouTube, it just came last month.

The long wait between seasons may be because season 2 is helmed by a different animation studio.

June 16, 2022 •. . Thorfinn is the protagonist of Vinland Saga and the son of Thors, one of the strongest people ever to live.


. . Gudrid (グズリーズ Guzurīzu?) is a once widowed young woman, who was first introduced fleeing from her second husband by arranged marriage.

Thorfinn goes to see Helga next, who immediately recognizes him. She remarks he has the same eyes as Thors and Thorfinn tearfully apologizes to her.

Vinland Saga Ep.


Yeah there was some announcement about season 2, I have heard it'll AIR in January but I am not sure.

Thorkell is often considered the strongest out of all the Vikings of his era, but he certainly isn’t as skilled as the other Vikings we’ve seen.